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Obituary - Berneta Elizabeth VanHook Warner ~ April 9, 1926 - October 21, 2018

Berneta Elizabeth VanHook Warner peacefully passed away on the evening of October 21, 2018 while surrounded by her children in Ottawa, Kansas. She was 92 years young.

Berneta experienced a wide variety of happenings throughout her 92 years. Her first job at 16 years of age, was with Southwestern Bell in Topeka, Kansas. She was a long distance telephone operator receiving $0.65/hour. From a switchboard operator, to many years later, navigating a cell phone and laptop computer of her own…this is just one picture that paints the dynamic span of her life.

A true “pioneer woman”, a “trailblazer”. She made things happen for the betterment of those around her and forever moved forward with her dreams.

Berneta’s creativity could not be contained to a page, a canvas, an idea or within the walls of a box. Berneta was a talented writer and artist. She was known for writing prayers and Bible Studies for her friends. Her enjoyment recounting the adventures of her loving parents, Maggie and Bruce Warner, along with siblings whom she adored, Bruce Monroe and Jettie Lee was quite evident in her written stories. Berneta also enjoyed being in front of her easel, painting the rolling hills of the Midwest, along with barns and her personal favorite…windmills. She held her first and only Art Show in 2014 at the age of 88, displaying 37 masterpieces.

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Press Release - Eat The Frog Fitness

Personal Training vs. Group Training…
                              …what if you could have the best of both?

And furthermore…what if you could finally obtain the results you only dare to dream of? Good News! Your dream is now your reality at EAT THE FROG FITNESS. Thanks to Ross and Lauren Metheny for taking a “leap of faith” and opening the first studio of it’s kind in Kansas…right here in Manhattan!

Early access for Founding Frogs will begin February 8, 2021…Grand Opening will follow on February 22, 2021. Don’t delay, reserve your spot today!

Ross and Lauren previously lived in Georgia where they discovered a gym with the most unusual name. From the moment they stepped foot in the studio, they knew this was exactly what they were looking for…Coach led, personalized, small group training…with science, technology, and professional athletes to fuel it! They also appreciate that every fitness level is welcome…beginner to elite athlete…all are challenged!


  • Pre & Post Fitness Evaluations ~ This is the foundation to reaching your desired fitness goals. Fit Tests are available every 8 weeks to keep you focused, challenged and moving forward!
  • Personally designed training programs ~ Custom built just for you by professional athletes. The method is a proven winner! Founder, Bryan Clay, earned the title of “The World’s Greatest Athlete” in 2008, along with Olympic medals, by implementing these same athletic inspired, science driven work-outs into his routine.
  • Open 24/7 for your convenience! Live and Virtual Coaching available. You haven’t seen technology like this before!!
  • Dynamic Equipment ~ Concept 2 Rowers, Keiser Spin Bikes, Nubells, TRX, Sandbags
  • Fitness App ~ After each session, you will receive a summary of your performance. You never have to wonder if you’re reaching your goals!
  • The best part…you get to train with other fitness-minded friends…instant community!

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Window Pane Series - Lizzie Monroe

My Dear Mama Friends, remember the days of tiny handprints and button nose smudges on your windows and doors? (The days we seemed to be drifting somewhere between chaos and bliss?). Sweet days. Long days. Really long days… oh, and those nights. “Learning to be a Mom” days. Cuddle-Bug days (I miss these!). And of course the days we worked overtime to wipe away smudges because we wanted a “neat & tidy” home.

Well, there may not be tiny handprints on my windows and doors anymore, but Jake recently reminded me of days gone past. An ache fell over me and it set up camp in my heart as I longed for them all over again. Then I began to wonder what was happening now that I will one day miss and long for? He provided me with an opportunity…an opportunity to hit pause, re-group, and get set (firmly) for the next fleeting season. For that, I’m extremely grateful!

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National Academy of Sports Medicine

Ready to make a real difference in someone’s life? If so, you’re in the right place.

Ready to turn in your office keys for a gym fob? What about your desk for a yoga mat, a BOSU, or some free weights?

Again, you’re in the right place…we’re always excited to connect with other fitness-minded individuals!


STEP 1: SHOW UP… (CHECK!! You’re here!)
National Academy of Sports Medicine has been making a positive difference in lives for over 30 years. Through athletic inspired and science based training, NASM has been able to train and certify over 1,000,000 fitness professionals around the world. Outfitting them with the knowledge they need to impact their clients in the fitness realm and beyond!

NASM places their trust in the Optimum Performance Training Model (the OPT Model). This is the foundation of success for NASM Certified Trainers and especially their clients.

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Direct Sales - Fellow Cyclist

Fellow Cyclist,

You’re on another ride with your favorite crew…pedaling along the best gravel roads around…the sun is just waking up…you gain speed and feel the crisp morning air kiss your cheek. You live for these rides!

BUT WAIT! They’re pulling away on the climb. You’re riding alone…again.

Have you ever wondered why they look effortless on the climbs and straight-aways, and you struggle with every rotation of the pedal? Look at their shoes and then look at your’s.

There is no comparison when it comes to CYCLE SHOES vs…what are those? Flip-Flops!?! Sneakers??

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The “Life & Death” Truth about WATER

                    …”are you consuming enough?”


Water delivers numerous benefits if consumed on a regular basis, but yet so many Americans are chronically dehydrated – an alarming 75%! Check out the following symptoms – are you dehydrated?

Symptoms of Moderate Dehydration:

  • Fatigue
  • Dry Mouth
  • Dizziness / Lightheadedness
  • Headache
  • Urinating Less Often
  • Constipation

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Twas the Night Before School
Twas the Night Before School…
The year was 2021, and all through the land, emotions ran.
Across our world, our country, state, county, city, town, neighborhood, street, and yes, even in our own homes we are all experiencing one emotion or another, and the array is endless. Be mindful and take care of one another. We are living out various seasons simultaneously.
Maybe you’re the one anxiously awaiting your first child, or maybe you’re holding your newborn, gazing from the nursery window as the “big kids” walk by with their backpacks and lunchboxes thinking, “not my child, they will be this size forever”. Believe me, it happens quickly. Before long you will be shopping for school supplies. So, go ahead, rock that baby to sleep in your arms as many times as you’d like. 
Or are you the parent crying yourself to sleep tonight knowing your little one will be introduced to a whole new world tomorrow ~ KINDERGARTEN! And so it begins! (Or perhaps, you’re realizing your child should have been entering school this year, but a different plan surfaced and now holds those dreams)
Maybe you’re lost somewhere in the middle of the elementary years wondering if it will ever end? It will. Then you will find yourself longing for it…well, almost. All except the dreaded “drop off line”.
EEK!!! Middle School here we come! The mood swings, the hormones, the testing of boundaries, oh my, and the many new discoveries! Let’s leave it at that. (We don’t want to scare the parents that haven’t yet reached this precious season)
Perhaps your baby is now entering high school and will cruise through at mach speeds. Do you ever see them? They drive, they have jobs, they play sports, they play an instrument, sing, perform, they have friends, maybe even a “special someone”. They have phones, laptops, and homework. However, when you finally cross paths at some point during the week, give them a BIG hug because Graduation is around the corner.
Are you an “Empty Nester” for the first time this August? Do you fall to your knees because it’s just too painful to let go, or maybe you’re light on your feet posting a “Happy Dance”! Either way, many emotions surface when you see your child’s childhood flash before your eyes as you say, “Good-bye”.
And just think, some families experience each of these seasons within the same year!
Whether you’re Mom and Dad frantically coordinating schedules, making lunches, wiping away tears, desperately trying to get the kids out of bed in the morning, or you’re the sweet neighbor down the street that always waves to the kids at the bus stop, or the Grandparents that thought you were done raising kids, but are now raising a grandchild due to a loss in the family – thank you!
Or just maybe, you’re the elderly person peering through your window, admiring all of the hustle and bustle, wanting to shout to each and every one of us…DON’T MISS “THIS”…EVERY DAY MATTERS!!!
So, no matter who you are or the season in which you reside, embrace it and live it to its fullest! Our kids (babies to adults) need each of us to encourage them every step of their ever evolving journey!
~ May your “First Day” be a success! Remember, success comes with a variety of meanings as you enter into, and out of, the many seasons of, “The First Day”.

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