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writer for hire, the writing process

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~ the “warm-up”

I want to hear everything about your upcoming project…the product, service, target audience. Once I clearly understand your needs, the audience we are speaking to, and your desired goal, I’ll send you a proposal. When you accept, we will move forward with the “work-out”!


~ the “work-out”

Now we’re officially teammates! From here I will research, gather any additional information needed, & … WRITE. This, combined with your expertise  knowledge of your product / service will allow us to deliver professional copy. Naturally the “work-out” is where we may get a little  “sweaty”. It may take a couple of training sessions to achieve the final product, but I’m more than confident we will get there!


~ the “cool-down”

We’ve proven we’re a great team (yay, high-five!). We found the right words & we were able to craft copy that will transform your consumer and change your world! The Final Copy will be delivered to your “inbox”. You own it! Stamp it with your Brand and get it in front of your clients! They will “thank you”!


Or perhaps, you’re searching for assistance on a personal level? I would thoroughly enjoy working with you to create an unforgettable message…

                                                             Motivational Speeches ~ Thank-You Letters ~ Obituaries ~ Eulogies

Writing Personal Content can prove to be a delicate matter…it takes time to reach deep within our heart and extract exactly what we desire to say. Therefore, I am very willing to sit with you and listen to you for as long as it may take. Saying, “Good-bye” hurts, motivating a crowd may feel daunting, or simply organizing your thoughts can be overwhelming when it’s so personal. But together, I know we’ll be successful!

Disclaimer: Personal Content is just that…PERSONAL. I write without passing judgement. Your “story” is your’s to tell…not mine.

writing styles


There are so many styles, but without the right words in place we’re simply striking letters on the keyboard.


  • Captivating/Enticing: Capture the attention of Readers…Readers then transform into CONSUMERS…$$$
  • Persuasive Truth ~ You know your client needs your product…your client will know too, as soon as they read about it 😉



  • Sincere ~ Genuine, Heartfelt, & always with the utmost integrity
  • BOLD ~ Dare to wear your heart on the outside
  • Creative ~ Paint pictures with WORDS!

ready to get to work?

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No need to wait…let’s get started on your copywriting project today! Lizzie Monroe offers 30 minute consultations…FREE, of course!

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